Hip Hop

Moving to the Beat

If your child can’t help but move to the beat, we’ve got a program for you! Our instructors will choreograph age-appropriate routines, while teaching fun technical skills and tricks.

Recreational v. Company Hip Hop: Our recreational hip hop is a fantastic way to learn dance skills and build your child’s creativity! Our once-per-week class focuses on the fundamentals of hip hop technique, while teaching fun tricks that will challenge your beginner dancer! The best part – there are no prerequisites! This class is a fun way to learn dance in a low-pressure environment with a coach who knows how to make it fun! Our Company Hip Hop Program allows athletes to compete and perform at various competitions throughout the year. They learn routine(s) that focus on technique and performance and offer regional and national travel for competitions. All choreography is done in-house by our staff, many of whom are known in the industry for their innovation and creativity!